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Math is nothing to be afraid of, but so many people are uncomfortable with numbers. That's why parents should start their kids early and teach them to enjoy math

Why are so many people scared of numbers? Some even feel fear so intense that it qualifies as a phobia—numerophobia or arithmophobia is a thing. These fears have to start from somewhere—you aren’t born with this aversion to numbers.

Teaching our children to be comfortable with numbers is important not only for their performance at school, but also opens up more opportunities to them. (How many people have you heard say “I would have pursued ____ if I weren’t so bad at math”?)

Here are some tips for you to teach your kids to love math.

dreamstime s 31372658 5 Tips on how to make kids love math

1. Be a good example

2. Read math to them

Flintobox recommends “reading” math to our children, even when they’re just toddlers. You can use flashcards, books on numbers, number songs, and number stories. Doing this helps your child become comfortable with numbers.

3. Keep it fun

Contrary to what many people think, math in itself isn’t boring. In fact, there’s so many ways for you to have fun with math. BusinessInsider recommends using toys like Lego to teach them fractions or teach them origami to get them to love geometry.

4. Find what your child is learning at school

According to GreatSchools, knowing what math skills your child should be picking up at his level, you can better find activities to complement what they’re learning at school. Monitor your child’s homework and pay attention to how they solve equations to see how they go about solving problems.

5. Relate math to real life

Kids are sometimes given the impression that math is useless, that they’d hardly need it in real life, when the truth is far from it. Point out the practical purposes of math and involve your kids as much as you can, from comparing prices at the grocery to adding up your bills. Keep your eyes peeled for teaching opportunities—you won’t have to look too far. After all, math is everywhere.

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