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Children love toys.  If you take your child to a toy store, he or she will find several things that they can't live without. It includes a marble run, a marble maze, and more

Indeed, toys are more than just games and fun for children. Some toys provide some opportunity for kids to learn. The right toys stimulate kid’s imaginations, engage their senses, and promote interaction with others.

These toys are specially built for kids to encourage learning. Also, they're intended to" help kids develop certain skills. Yes, these toys are great.

But you don’t need a special toy to enhance your child’s development and learning. Any toy that helps your child to interact, explore the world, or spurs their creativity is educational.

As your kids make their way from blocks to toy sets and to teddy bears, your kids are building pre-academic abilities like:

Creativity – Crayons, finger paints, and paper boost artistic development and the skills needed for writing.

Physical dexterity – Wading pools, swings, doll carriages, child-sized vehicle toys help create strength, balance, and confidence.

Problem-solving – Activities like digging and creating mud pies can help your kid become an investigator and experimenter.

Blocks toys or anything your kid can categorize into groups also encourage manipulation, categorization, and motor-skill development.

Language development – Reading charts and others can help improve your kids' communication skills.

Social skills – Stuffed animal toys or dolls can represent different individuals and play out various situations and emotions.

So, are you searching for the right you for your kid? Below are the best toys that will help increase your kid's development in many areas.

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The rub track you set by Marble Galaxy is an educational STEM toy that helps your kids develop their:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Spatial ability
  • Balance
  • Basic knowledge
  • Patience
  • Creativity

The features

  • 4 immersive builds

The marble run set contains 70 building blocks and 20 glass marbles. You can (assemble them in four different ways! It will help teach your kid how to create many tracks with available accessories. All the sets are translucent. What this means is, you can see the racing marbles clearly.

  • Improves cognitive abilities

Improve your child’s problem-solving skills as they learn how to create the pieces to build their marble run.

The process of assembling the pieces are honed in several aspects like imagination, patience, spatial awareness, motor skills, a keen interest in engineering, science, and technology subjects.

  • Premium quality abs material

The toy is made with non-toxic and safe marble run track. Also, the edges of the marbles are smooth, which help prevent scratches. On the other hand, the easy lock pieces offer stable and strong construction for endless loops.

  • Assemble guide

The toy comes with a 12-page user manual to help your kid jump-start their creativity. Also, the guide shows marble run constructions of four hard levels. Indeed, it'll be four different fun levels!

  • Portable storage gift box

The toy comes in a Galaxy gift box. It doesn't matter if you're giving It as a gift or carrying it around. The portable box fulfills the needs. No doubts, your toddlers will enjoy fun moments with the Marble Galaxy at home and outdoors.

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